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I also like snowboarding, hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend...
i remember you, you made that comment about 'the passion of christ' in azzaria's journal. I commented on it [I used to be lagrimas_platas] if that rings a bell.

I have to warn you..I don't hold back.


13 years ago

*adds you*

(it's Heather, btw)

Nice Icon.
Your "Friends Only" picture is turning on these wierd maternal instincs.
*lol* first laugh of the morning. thanks.
and thanks about the icon. :)
Ok this may sound odd. You do not have to add me as a friend, I will add you just in case you do.

Anyway, I saw some of your comments in Jasons journal which led me to your user information. I saw the "end homophobia" picture, and your use information, that you are in college, a JW, etc.

Now, I will be honest. I am not so well liked in the online-livejournal-JW-community. Some say I am an "apostate", something that I truly and deeply disagree with. I am not disfellowshipped, but I guess I am "on the fade" and certainly QUESTIONING a lot of my current and former beliefs.

I have posted this for two reasons. 1) I think we may have a lot in common, I am not sure...but that leads me to #2. BECAUSE we might have a lot in common, I have a question I want to ask you. If you want me to ask you the question here, I will. It is reguarding your beliefs. It is important to me because we may have common ground, and if we have common ground that may help me to see how certain beliefs are justified by someone like me

I know that sounds I understand if you don't want anything further with me. Thanks for your time.
no it's cool. I'm well aware of who you are, and I don't agree with the way *clears throat* "some" witnesses have treated you. I commented in your community a few times also. I'll add ya as soon as I can. About the ?, ask away.


13 years ago

saw you on blackphunk, added you, add me???
sure :)
i'm boggled at why we having added each other as buddies...we should be friends...i am gonna ad you if you don't mind
dude..before I took my nap I was like man why aren't he and I friends..then I remembered that I'm a psychopathic bitch and wasn't sure if I should subject you to my world. but i'll add you. If it gets too much, you can leave.


12 years ago


12 years ago

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Thank you. I seriously appreciate and accept your apology. I also hope that you will accept my sincere apology. I could've just let it go, but I always have to have the last word for some reason? Silly me.

Thank you for being the bigger person.

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h0kay, saw your comment on Julie's journal, thawt I'd friend you. So do the same:) Quick bio: I'm a pioneer/ministerial servant/22/male/Johannesburg, South Africa/running my own IT company/fun/insane. That should suffice.

well...since that made me laugh out loud I suppose i'll add you. :)
LOL. the little girl is adorable.. with her hand in her face!
she is isn't she?!

I've never actually met anybody that lives in Alexandria..that's my favourite name in the whole wide world :D
hey i'm going to add you, add me back if you want!
sure, i don't really update my journal much anymore though..I'm all about pen and paper now ;)


12 years ago


12 years ago

cool! sandra cisneros (isn't caramelo beautiful?), r.e.m. and alfred hitchcock! do you mind it i add you?
sure! you seem really interesting.


12 years ago

Alex! =D You need to add me ;)

<3 Ann
totally ;D

Thought I’d join these masses. Are we quarreling? I find them pointless, so I thought I would say hi. Oh and your user info feels hauntingly familiar.
“Wonder if she will respond?”
I was shocked to read in Jessie's journal that you're no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses! I was shocked because you seemed to make such a big deal about me going through a questioning period regarding grooming rules and removed me from your friends list over it. Now, a few months later, you've quit altogether!

I'm not trying to be judgmental here but you can probably understand why I'm somewhat confused. I had enjoyed having you on my friends list.
I needed to stay focused at that time, if that makes sense. At some point I realized that I was doing it halfheartedly, and decided to just quit for awhile. I should be DFed but I'm not.
I would like to be part of your friends list. I like your friends only picture and Daria icon.
sure, i'll add you :) must add me as a friend!
i won't ask nicely again ;)

oh my fucking god, I was so worried. Don't EVER do that to me again.
Because I like your interests list and we worked together.
access granted ;)
can I friend you?
sure :)